Universal Truck Holding System
Solid, secure and truly universal, Grabber's truck holding system makes rock solid anchoring of full-frame vehicles easier and more reliable than ever before. Four engineered anchor stands eliminate the sway and movement common with chain-type anchoring. Height-adjustable, multi-angle clamps may be positioned anywhere on the rack to meet varied frame configurations. Two head designs are provided to accommodate either box or channel frames. Box heads are adjustable up to 7”.
P/N: 6067-2B (Set of 4)     6067-2B Technical
                                                     6067-2B Assembly
Collapsible Unibody Clamps
Clamps fold down flat for fast, easy, no hassle vehicle loading and can be easily positioned anywhere along the rack's channeled treadways according to vehicle width and length. The pinchweld heads 2-bolt design makes clamping quick and easy. Standard on most Grabber frame systems. 
P/N: 2046-2B (Set of 4) 2 Bolt Design    2046-2B Components
P/N: 2046-4B (Set of 4) 4 Bolt Design    2046-4B Components
Wingbolt Assembly
Fastens clamp base to rack platform
P/N: 4226 (1 Assembly)
Consists of 1 ea.:
#4226C Casting for Wingbolt
#4226A 5/8" Screw
#9904 5/8" Washer
#9907 5/8" Nut

Pinchweld Bolts
For unibody clamp pinchwelds
P/N: 6050-5/8 (Set of 16)        
P/N: 6050-1/2 (Set of 16)
Consists of 1 ea of:
#6050A Carriage Bolt
#9904 Washer
#9907 Nut

Note: Replacement sprngs are sold separately
P/N: 6052REV-A 
- for floor systems
G94 Collapsible Clamps
Drive over clamps allows the vehicle to be loaded quickly and easily. Clamps may be positioned anywhere along the length of the 30” center track and have a 46-66” width range.
P/N: #6030 (Set of 4) with center track
P/N: #6040 (Set of 4)  w/o center track

- for rack systems