Grabber's 10-U Floor Track System delivers enhanced productivity and profits without the larger investment or floor space needed for frame racks.
    The 10-U can stand alone as the primary repair station or for larger shops, multiple 10-U installations can dramatically increase repair capacity and labor productivity. 10-U towers and system components work well with other Grabber floor systems, multi-stall coverage has never been easier or more affordable.
Standard Components
(1) 12’ x 20’ Outer Rectangular Track (floor mounted)
(1) Anchor Kit (consisting of 108 Bolts)
(1) G94 10-Ton Tower -OR- (1) Versa 10-Ton Tower 
(1) Air/Hydraulic Pump w/Hose
(1) 3/8” x 10’ Heavy Duty Chain w/Slip Hook
(2) Outer Track Anchors
(1) G94 Collapsible Clamp Anchoring System (Set of 4)
P/N: 1020CC

  • 12’ x 20' Floor mounted outer track
  • 10-ton  Air/hydraulic pull tower is fully portable and locks quickly along the outer track's perimeter
  • Tower is equipped with adjustable pull heights and continuous direct line pulling
  • Swivel base design allows for angle pulls
  • G-94 Collapsible Clamps provides rock-solid vehicle anchoring. Clamps may be positioned anywhere along the length of the 30” center track and have a 46-66” width range.
Pull Towers
Towers move easily around the perimeter track and from stall-to-stall. Features include automatic continuous direct-line pulling, air/hydraulic controls, Grabber’s patented foot design for instant hookups, adjustable pull heights, swivel base design, and built-in safety features such as recoil arrester and safety kick-down foot.