Two powerful 40’ deck designs 
Single radius (R) or double radius (R2) provides multi-angle access to frame and cab repairs. The generous workspace between the 36” wide treadways allows access to any portion of the big rig. The GT4000 may be installed above ground or in-ground floor level (pit). Grabber custom builds any deck length up to 60’. Deck lengths are excluding ramps.

25-Ton pull towers deliver unmatched power and versatility
Mounted on gliding platforms, each tower may be easily moved and locked into position by one person. Towers include hydraulic controls with pressure gauges, 14" stroke RAM, continuous pull capability, multiple height settings, and a 48” vertical extension for cab and roof pulls.

Swivel tower design for the radius portion of the platform offers multi-angle access to repairs
Single radius (R) systems are equipped with five towers (4 standard, 1 swivel), double radius (R2) systems are equipped with six towers (4 standard, 2 swivel). 

Heavy duty accessories for every repair Down-pull, roof-pull and side-pull assemblies all standard on GT4000 truck systems.

25-Ton portable push/pull tower may be anchored at any location along the platform and used as an additional tower for pulling or precise corrective push operations.
Designed for the Big Jobs
Grabber's GT4000 Truck System delivers unmatched power for shops and repair centers which service heavy duty and fleet equipment such as utility trucks, tractor trailers, buses and other transport vehicles with double frames.
Standard Components
(1 per tower) Air/Hyd. Pump w/ Hose & Gauge
(1 per tower) Safety Cable with Hooks
(1 per tower) 5/8" x 15' HD Chain w/Slip Hook
(Set of 2) 3/8" x 20' HD Chain w/Slip Hook
(Set of 2) Hydraulic Lift Stand
(Set of 2) Height Adjustable Lift Stand
(Set of 1) Down Pull Assembly
(Set of 2) Chain Slack Remover
(Set of 1) Power Block
(Set of 1) Flange Wrench Assembly
(Set of 2) Rail Pull Tool Assembly

System Specifications
Platform Length
Platform Length (including towers)
Platform Width
Platform Width (including towers on each side)
Treadway Width
Center Opening
Tower Overhang
Tower Height
Tower Height (from Floor to Top of Tower)
Ramp Length
Height of Ramps (from platform) in up position
Height of Ramps (from floor) in up position
Working Height
Weight (approximate)
Powerful down-pulls and roof-pulls from any tower. The down-pull assembly attaches quickly anywhere on the treadway, while the roof-pull assembly extends the tower height by four feet offering maximum access to the cab or truck’s upper body. Both operations are accomplished with the pull towers' hydraulic control unit that features easy to read pressure gauges for precise pull monitoring.

Corrective side pulls from any pull tower may be made and monitored via hydraulic controls.

Chain slack remover removes chain slack to ensure immediate response to pull power.

Loading ramps are mounted on the square end of the platform on single radius systems with built-in hydraulics which allow ramps to raise up, out of the way when not in use. Double radius systems have hydraulically operated casters for easy mobility and may be stored away from the system when not in use. Ramps attach to either end of the platform for drive-on/drive-off convenience.
40’ L x 102” W (12.19 x 2.59 m)
43' (13.10 m)
14' 6" (4.41 m)
36" (914 mm)
30" (762 mm)
29” (736.60 mm)
36" (914 mm)
12’ (3.65 m)
13' 6" (4.11 m)
10’ (3.04 m)
11' 6” (3.50 m)
83" (2.10 m)
20” (508 mm)
​28,000 lbs
Platform Configurations
Rectangular Design (No Radius)
Single Radius Design (R)
(4) Standard Pull Towers
(1) Swivel Pull Tower
Double Radius Design (R2)
(4) Standard Pull Towers
(2) Swivel Pull Towers

Performance Feature Options
Additional towers
Custom platform lengths available up to 60’

(Set of 2) Heavy Duty Pull Plate
(Set of 1) Arbor Press
(Set of 1) Outer Frame Hold Down
(Set of 1) Portable Push/Pull Tower
(Set of 1) Chain Cradle Set (1 ea. 8”, 10”, 12”) 
(Set of 1) Portable Anchoring Plate
(Set of 2) Floating Crossmember
(Set of 2) Block Chain Anchor
(Set of 2) Frame Hold-Down with Roller
(Set of 2) Nylon Strap, 2" x 36"
(Set of 2) Loading Ramps, 10’ x 36”